Makalu Interactive is a small agency that has designed and developed products for brands like Google, Virgin America, Live Nation and many more. Our current focus includes finance, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

We’ve also created some products of our own, including RaceSplitter, an app for timing sport events, ChessDrop, a platform for storing chess games online, and Crypto Email Alerts, a service for getting crypto price alerts.

Previously, I founded an engineering company in Germany called MakaluMedia GmbH, working in the European aerospace industry with the European Space Agency, EUMETSAT, EUTELSAT and BAE Systems. In 2012, we sold the company to SciSys GmbH.


Money for Something — Investing from an early age brought financial freedom. To help others achieve the same, I published a free book, Money for Something, that teaches everything you need to know, in an hour. It’s helped many start down the path to financial freedom, and has been praised by people like David Heinemeier Hansson and Derek Sivers.

Crypto Explainers — Inspired by a conversation between Peter McCormack and Dan Held about the lack of “top of the funnel” informational resources in the crypto space, I've created a few beginner’s guides like Start with Bitcoin and Start with Pickle.


I have a Masters Degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech, having studied at both the Atlanta, Georgia and Metz, France campuses. As an undergraduate, I worked as a co-op student at the Georgia Power Company.


I’m a three-time European gold medalist in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art in which I received my black belt in 2011. I also enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and most recently, rock climbing.

I value honesty, sincerity and simplicity, and hope to always remain curious and open-minded. I enjoy living off the beaten path, and exploring the diverse experiences and cultures the world has to offer. I share time between southern Spain and the United States.

You can find me on Twitter, and here’s what I'm doing now.